Micro-Wardrobe Contest

I’ve been organizing the sewing loft.  This means I’ve been moving large boxes full of fabric and trying to convince myself that it is totally reasonable to own as much fabric as I do.  I finished up a couple of commissioned projects and am ready to do some fun sewing before jumping back into a couple of overdue quilts.  I’ve also had fun reading about other sewing bloggers getting ready for Me Made May.  So, let’s have some fun!

For some lucky reader, they will get a custom summer micro collection from me!

I’ve pulled two palettes to choose from.  The top palette is Santa Fe and the bottom palette is Seaside.


How to win:  comment below with your palette choice and what your go-to summer wardrobe items are.  I’ll pick a winner May 1st and coordinate with you for sizes and styles.  I’m thinking linen pants, maxi dresses or skirts, summer cardis, tunic dresses, etc.

It’s going to be fun!!!


50 thoughts on “Micro-Wardrobe Contest

  1. Love your work! I am very much in need of some fun pieces to add to my summer wardrobe since most of my SAHM stuff is really casual. The Seaside Collection is beautiful!

  2. Seaside! Perfect for east coast living. It’s still cool here on summer night so I always have a fun scarf or kimono nearby and I love to layer with tanks and loose fitting tops. I would love to wear more maxi skirts (I only have one!), but it’s so hard to find any that work with my short legs! For work I like cute, above the knee dresses (with or without sleeves) and light weight blazers…mixing and matching to help create new looks! πŸ™‚

  3. What a fun idea!

    Seaside palette please. Maxi dresses, tunic dresses, pants that are the correct length! πŸ™‚

  4. Winning this would be a dream come true! I would love some maxi dresses and skirts out of the first palette of fabrics!

  5. Santa Fe for me! Summer wardrobe — capris and simple tee shirts; maxi dresses, and just above knee length sun dresses. I need sime dresses with pockets! One good pair of shorts. Also, a simple lightweight cardigan for over air conditioned places, a swimsuit coverup/dress that can be worn away from the pool, and a nice, hat that can be worn with everything.

    Love this!!

  6. I love the seaside collection! It’s perfect for Chicago summers by the lake! πŸ™‚ My go-to summer choice is a dress – light, breezy & easy to style many ways. Thanks for this awesome giveaway, Eileen!

  7. I love the Seaside palette! I don’t really have a go to summer item. I usually just wear t-shrits and shorts and every now and then a cute shirt.

  8. What a fun contest! I came and visited from our ARWB page!
    Seaside is definitely my favorite palette!
    For me in the summer- I am still searching! I’m typically on the “sporty” side with chacos and a tank– but want to expand and get some more trendy go to MOM styles—

    I would love for you to make me a maxi skirt and dress as well as a tunic dress!

    Fun contest! Great job on giving back to your readers!

  9. I like the Seaside collection! My go-to summer items are loose v-necks, shorts, and airy dresses. I spend a fair amount of time outside during summer, so anything that lets my skin breathe is what I tend to wear!

  10. Oh, how I love your work!! I’m all about the seaside palette, which reminds of our former home. Pick me, pick me, pretty please πŸ˜„

  11. Santa Fe all the way! in the summer I live in flowy skirts, trapeze tanks and breathable blouses. would love to have shorts that actually fit right. and all the dresses!! this is an awesome idea!! I am about to take the capsule wardrobe plunge and this would be an awesome place to start!

  12. Summer dresses and skirts with blazers are my go-to for summer work days. Love to lounge in dresses or shorts and loose tunics, too. I’ve decided to try more Capri pants this summer Would love to make some additions to my closet out of that Seaside pallette!

  13. Summer wardrobe for me is big shirts and shorts, maxi dresses and pants. Post baby body is still a work in progress 😜! As for which fabric choices – I LOVE the coastal colors but I think the Santa Fe summer would probably look better with my skin tone. But honestly, I would be happy with either!

  14. I’m usually a blue person but I like your Santa Fe palette! I live in maxi dresses and skirts in warm weather, and I would love to kick my wardrobe up a notch by replacing some of my nursing tees and tanks with some flattering breastfeeding-friendly blouses.

  15. Love both, but I will go with the Santa Fe to add some diversity to my closet! I love summer dresses – cute, cool, and comfortable!

  16. I’m gonna go for Santa Fe, as it seems a little more Portland. Would love maxi dresses and skirts for these long legs and some type of sleeves for cool Oregon summer mornings and evenings

  17. Ps, I’m laughing b/c it says my comment is awaiting moderation. This makes me think that next time I need to make some really vulgar comments for u instead so that it will indeed need to be moderated. Love u!

  18. Seaside! My summer go-to pieces are my Chacos, denim short skirt, and something flowy on top or a t-shirt. For work it’s ankle-length pants and layers for cold offices.

  19. Love the Seaside collection, colors are great for Summer! My go to summer items are sundresses and tunics πŸ™‚ Pick me, pick me!! πŸ˜‰

  20. Eileen, What a fun idea! I lean more towards the seaside hues because the cooler colors seem refreshing against the warm weather heat. I love the idea of simplicity through summer dressing. I practically live in simple dresses during that season because they breathe easily and are a “no-fuss” solution to lazy summer days and on-the-go soak up some sun fun days, as well!

  21. Oh my gosh, this is so fun! I like the seaside and you are TOTALLY speaking my language with summer cardigans, maxi dresses, etc!

  22. You’re getting a lot of entries! I like the Santa Fe. Summer cardigans, simple tops, linen pants, and dresses with pockets would be awesome.

  23. Definitely Seaside where I am headed this July to celebrate my mother’s 75th birthday and a year full of change. I promise to rock my new wardrobe on every Boardwalk! πŸ„πŸŽΆβ›΅οΈ

  24. Love this idea! The Seaside is gorgeous and reminds me of beach-y North Carolina! Maxi dresses and skirts are my go to summer outfit.

  25. what a fun idea! I love your pieces. I am actually torn between the palates, both are great. I am loving linen pants, dresses, skirts and kimono style tops these days…anything that moves easily and isn’t confining, but still has shape to it.

  26. The Seaside colors are beautiful! I live in South Florida where it is always summertime and I love wearing maxi dresses, skirts, cropped linen pants. I’m in need of a new wardrobe and would love to win.

  27. I love the Santa Fe collection. I am in need of a wardrobe makeover so this would be a great way to start. No more frumpy mom clothes πŸ™‚

  28. I love the Sante Fe collection. My go to summer wear is a pair of black shorts and an airy tank with a pair of fun sandals to add some color. The major priority is to stay cool in the humid Arkansas summer.

  29. I love the Santa Fe collection! In the summer, I wear maxi skirts, shorts, tees, and a light cardigan. I would love to win this!!

  30. What a neat idea, Eileen! Both palettes are so gorgeous I can’t quite decide! But because I’ve seen the great work you do with patterns, I think I’ll go Sante Fe! Summer wardrobe is jeans with cute tanks, sundresses (long and short), and always a jacket or cardi to ward off air-conditioning chill!

  31. How fun! I love the Seaside collection. My go-to summer clothes are capris, but I’ve been wanting to try some maxi dresses (anything to cover most of my calves and still be cool!). And, then I always love light weight cardis, too!

  32. It’s a hard choice between the two pallets. Both have some lovely fabrics, but the cooler hues of the seaside have won me over. My go to summer item is usually an easy wear blouse with jeans. I would love to have some fresh options and a maxi dress or two.

  33. I am so excited about the Santa Fe palette! I am an “Autumn”, so these rich tones are good on me year-round (I know this thanks to Color Me Beautiful!). All of the things you want to make sound great to me. I like to wear clothes that are mostly functional (think gardening and getting down with kids), with some lady-like elements (fun color/pattern/cuts/jewelry) that make me feel put together. You will find me most days in yoga pants and tank top with a tunic that covers my booty and fun necklace. I love Maxi dresses and would love to wear more, but I have a hard time finding them (1) with wider straps that look more appropriate to my wide shoulders and breasts and (2) do not show off/emphasize my scar from old chemotherapy port. Also, I am intereted in high-wasted linen pants that would flatter my figure. I’m excited!

  34. i love the colors in the Sante Fe palette! Love the feel of good flowy sundresses! Maxi’s for us height challenged people! Flowy light weight pants! You are so talented I’m sure anything would be amazing!!

  35. Since I’m from FL I would say Seaside but the Santa Fe colors are what you would find my closet. Naw forget it….Seaside! Yeah. And I wear a lot of maxi dresses, knee length shorts and swing tops.

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