It’s Tick Check Season!

I’m a little late to the game for summertime posts.  Guess what that means?  I’ve actually been enjoying summer!

Summer at the Lazy E (our patch of dirt here in Arkansas) is a fun time.  There is this magical time in March where pops of color start appearing through the neutral drabs and the grass isn’t growing yet and the ticks and chiggers seem to still be asleep (I don’t think they hibernate, but I feel like they NEVER EVER die) and we walk around the farmette feeling pretty proud of ourselves and thinking that maybe being full-time corporate folks and part-time homesteaders is not that hard…. Then everything starts growing!

This year I actually got a jump on things.  Let me be honest, my new helper and I got a jump on things.  The Lazy E has a farm hand and he is great!  He’s a nice, well-mannered junior high kid that has a great work ethic…shocking, huh?  With Christopher’s help, we got the garden into shape and all the planting beds ready for April.  He spent countless hours hacking back weeds and hauling brush to the burn pile.  With his help we’ve stayed on top of the jungle.  We also hosted a couple of house/garden parties, so that was a good motivator (strangers coming to the house will do that).

Now the Lazy E is in full swing and we are into the harvest period.  I make it sound like I pulled the combine out of the barn or am sending steers to market…um, no.  Yesterday I harvested a basket of tomatoes, a handful of strawberries and a gallon bag of green beans.  I love my garden.  It is great therapy and I get to eat things I’ve grown.  If I had to only rely on my garden to feed the family, I’d be very stressed out, but thankfully, I can just stop by the store and pick up dinner if locusts eat all my corn (not sure if locusts even like corn).

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying away from the ticks!

Harvest from the Lazy E

Harvest from the Lazy E