Be Awesome…Go Do Something!

I like to think I’m a funny person. I have dreams of a second career in stand-up and motivational speaking. But alas, what pays the bills right now is the responsible, commercial banking gig. A lot of funny stuff happens to me all the time, but I have to keep it to myself.

So, that leads to producing funny, somewhat punny memes with the photos I find on my phone when I’m trying to clear up memory space.

With the new year, I want everyone to figure out what they want and go be awesome. Stop sitting around, bitching on Facebook about all the things that are negative in your life (that you have control over) and just go DO SOMETHING! I’m not talking about starting new multi-million dollar companies (although I do see that happen more frequently than you’d think), but just something good.

Just pick something.
Do it.
Fail or be less than average at it.
Do it again.
Get better.
Ask for support.
Do it again.
Be awesome.

I’ll also just throw this out there: If you are an entrepreneur or solicit your professional services and your public/social media presence is filled with negativity, you are detracting future customers/clients/employers/employees. Those folks want to work with positive people who get their sh*t done, not complainers and excuse-makers. They want to work with the awesome people.

So, go be awesome. I can’t wait to hear what you do!



3 thoughts on “Be Awesome…Go Do Something!

  1. have you ever read Jen Sincero? If not, give her a look. She’s a pretty good writer and has developed a career as a motivational speaker.

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